Allied Authorised Translators (AAT)


AAT is a network of Government Authorised Translators in English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese. AAT is a qualified language partner for both large and small companies, government agencies, organisations and private individuals. All members of AAT have years of experience working as translators.

The Power of Language!

Inaccurate or unconvincing language generates uncertainty in the reader. Correct and fluent language generates the trust that is needed to promote understanding and rapport. Language is the glue that cements relations with customers, suppliers, government agencies and the general public. Our mission is to help you use the language – English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese or Norwegian – to achieve the goals you have set. It is what we excel at!

What is a Government Authorised Translator?

Norwegian-accredited Government Authorised Translators have sat and passed a demanding, internationally recognised written and oral examination organised by the NHH, Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway. Successful candidates may apply for a Government licence and special seal with which to certify the correctness of translations. GATs are the preferred language partners for lawyers, courts, major companies and government agencies for important communications and papers.
Government Authorised Translators have a deep and robust familiarity with both the source language and the target language in many disciplines is combined with a thorough cultural understanding of society in generaand master both languages. Ideally the translator will reflect all nuances in the new language at a level that far surpasses the average rendition.

Who are we?

AAT is a group of highly qualified, experienced translators who have teamed up to exchange professional views and draw on each other’s resources. We are all Government Authorised Translators in Norway, offering high quality services in English, German, French, Spanish and Norwegian.

Lise Bådsvik (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator in English-–Norwegian/ Norwegian-–English (1985)
  • Norwegian mother tongue
  • Translation studies at University of Agder (1982), including one year at University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Business Administration studies at University of Stavanger (1988)
  • Active as translator since 1982
  • Translator, office manager and founder of Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS since 1988
  • Special fields: law, business, finance, oil and gas
  • Works from English, Swedish and Danish into Norwegian, and also from Norwegian into English

Email:        Tel.: +47-51 89 10 10         Cell phone: +47-97726837 

Gilla Krogh (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator in German-–Norwegian/Norwegian-–German (1993)
  • German mother tongue
  • Degree in German, French and Sports from University of Saarbrucken, Germany
  • Nine years working for German Embassy in Oslo
  • Course Supervisor, German for Industry courses
  • Experienced translator and interpreter since 1993
  • Special fields: law, business and marketing, finance, stocks and shares, certificates, tourism, arts and fashion

Email:       Tel: +47-67 14 64 73         Cell phone: +47-905 18 703       

William Nuttall (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator in English-–Norwegian/ Norwegian-–English (1981)
  • English mother tongue
  • External examiner for the Government Authorised Translator's Exam
  • Degree in Applied Chemistry, Sheffield Polytechnic, England (1971)
  • Translator, chairman and founder of Bonafide Translatørbyrå AS since 1988
  • Special fields: law, business, finance, technology, oil and gas
  • Works from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish into English

Email:        Tel.: +47- 51 89 10 10    Cell phone: +47-916 04 117

Wenche Landaas (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised French–Norwegian (2008)
  • Norwegian mother tongue
  • Translation studies (French) at University of Agder (1978–81), including one year Political Science studies at Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris
  • French studies at Alliance Française, Paris (1977–78)
  • Director and managing partner of Apropos Translatørbyrå AS from 1983 to 2005
  • Full-time translator since 2005, self-employed since 2010
  • Accredited to work for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as translator and proof-reader for EEA/EU directives (2009)
  • Special fields: law, EEA/EU directives, business, motor vehicles and technology, commercial documents, environmental policies and science, certificates and general interest
  • Translates from French, Swedish, Danish and English into Norwegian
  • Proofing and editorial work

Email:     Cell phone: +47-934 16 032


Laurent Cornic (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator Norwegian–French (2007)
  • Chairman of the Norwegian Government Authorised Translators' Association
  • French mother tongue
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • More than 10 years living in Norway
  • Valuable experience as agency project coordinator 2001–2007
  • More than 10 years as professional translator
  • Works from Norwegian, English, Danish and Swedish into French

Email:     Cell phone: +47-92 45 71 82


María Luna de Torres (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator Norwegian–Spanish (1999)
  • Spanish mother tongue
  • Licenciada en Derecho law degree, Granada, Spain (1979)
  • Six-year contract with OMEP International Secretariat in Oslo (1986–1992). OMEP is an NGO that reports to UNESCO
  • Twelve-years as full-time translator with Apropos Translatørbyrå AS/Amesto Translations AS
  • Accredited to work for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009)
  • Special fields: law, education, public administration, business, public sector and government
  • Translates from Norwegian, English, Swedish, Danish and French into Spanish
  • Proof-reads Spanish texts
  • Course Tutor for students learning Spanish

Email:         Cell phone: +47-90 59 41 39


Bjørn Egil Barstad (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator Norwegian-Spanish / Spanish-Norwegian (1985)
  • Norwegian mother tongue. Translates also into the nynorsk variety of Norwegian upon request
  • Bachelor of Arts: Spanish, Nordic Languages, and Linguistics from the University of Bergen (UiB)
  • Assistant Teacher at the University of Bergen in Spanish and Linguistics
  • Worked with the first Norwegian versions of software such as MS Word/Excel, Adobe PageMaker
  • Experience as translator and Interpreter since 1981, with own translation business since 1987
  • Comprehensive experience in law/legal systems, business and finance, contracts, tender documents, white papers, medicine, references and diplomas

Email:         Tel: +47-55 20 38 92      Cell phone: +47-451 98 947


Kui Zhu (MSTF)

  • Government Authorised Translator Chinese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Chinese (2004)
  • Government Authorised Interpreter Chinese-Norwegian (2000) with training as interpreter, plus supplementary unit in legal interpreting from Oslo and Akershus University College in Applied Sciences (HiOA) (2009)
  • Chinese (Mandarin) mother tongue
  • First Level Law from the University of Oslo (UiO) (Oslo, 2008)
  • One-year study in Commercial English from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) (Bergen, 1997)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Norwegian for Foreign Students, English, Linguistics, and Psychology from the University of Bergen (UiB) (Bergen, 1994)
  • Three-year studies from English Bachelor program at East China Normal University (Shanghai, China, until 1990)
  • Has acted as external examiner for the Government Authorised Translator's Exam and the Government Authorised Interpreting Exam
  • Translates from Norwegian and English into Chinese, and from Chinese into Norwegian
  • Specialities: law, tourism, working life, health, energy and environment, official documents

Email:            Tel: +47-32 84 87 78    Cell phone: +47-97 53 43 85


Our services

We handle translations in most subjects within law, business, finance, petroleum, marketing, science and technology, environment, and tourism. and fashion.
A very broad range of documents is offered; from A to Z here are some examples:

Annual Reports
Board Minutes
Certificates of Incorporation
Chemical Data Sheets
Commercial Correspondence
Company Presentations
Court Documents
Directions for Use
EEA and EU Directives
Financial Statements
Fund Prospectuses
Impact Analyses
Insurance Documents and Claims
Inhouse Magazines
HSE Reports
Letters Rogatory
Medical Journals
Offshore Contracts
Research Papers
Scientific Articles
Shipping Documents
Tax Audits
Technical Specifications
Technology Reviews
Tourist Information
Web Pages
Witness Depositions and Testimonies

In most cases we also offer proof-reading and language review. 


Our philosophy

Language is more than words

To translate successfully you need more than language. Political, economic and legal systems differ from one country to the next – and the translator must be familiar with both. Only when the translator is conversant with a country’s culture, social institutions and humour can the message be adequately communicated.

Choosing a translator is choosing a partner

Collaboration with a translator is a process of mutual enlightenment demanding trust and close association. The better the language professional understands your firm or organisation, the more confident you can be that the message is communicated the way you want. Be serious about your translations and your language partner will deliver much more than a casual supplier.

We will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction.